On the Way to Work

On the way to work yesterday…

sunrise on the way to work 3 this one

From this point, I drove my car to a place where I knew there’d be a flooded field – I thought I might be able to catch the sunrise’s reflection in the water – but I had my big ol’ zoom lens on my camera and, before I could put on a wide angle lens, the sunrise was gone. I was really happy I was able to get this shot, though, before the sunrise disappeared.

Sunset over Flooded Fields

Amazing sunset over flooded fields in Skagit County, Washington tonight…

The Barns of Skagit County

Behold, the barns of Skagit County, Washington…

(photos by Karen Molenaar Terrell)

Sunrise, sunset…

I took the first photo on my way to work, and snapped the second one through my car window as I drove home at the end of the day. I wasn’t sure how the second photo would turn out because I basically just pointed my camera towards the sunset – my eyes on the road – and clicked as I drove past the flooded field… 🙂

Sunrise on the Way to Work

The sun rises over the Skagit Valley in Washington State. Photo by Karen Molenaar Terrell.

Sunset on the Way Home from Work

I pointed my camera towards the sunset as I drove – my eyes on the road – and snapped. I had no idea how this one would turn out… photo by Karen Molenaar Terrell 

The Byrds and Birds

Ohmygosh. What a wonderful day! Scotty put in his new Byrds CD (disc #1 of 2) and, to the tune of “Hey, Mr. Tambourine Man” we backed out of our driveway about 8:30 and headed for Lyman to check out the flooding there. There was something really cozy and sweet about listening to the Byrds together as we journeyed along. Took me back to my youth. I’m pretty sure my generation had the best music. Ever. 🙂

While he took some photos of the flooding for the paper I explored an old railroad line that’s been turned into a trail. Found trumpeter swans hanging out on the Skagit River with a flock of Canada geese.

Then we headed to Dad’s place to pay him a quick visit, and on the way we discovered a flock of trumpeter swans partying in a flooded field. It was MAGIC!!!

Quick visit with Dad – he was napping in front of the television – a football game was on. We talked a bit about football – we told him the Apple Cup was going to be on in the afternoon – Dad and I always have fun with the Apple Cup (he’s a UW alum, and I graduated from WSU). Then we told each other we loved each other and said our good-byes. But as I was leaving he called me back to see if I’d gotten him tickets for “the game.” I told him I had no tickets for the game. He said he’d rather watch it on television, anyway – doesn’t have to fight the crowds. We told each other we loved each other again, and then Scott and I continued on our errands.

Supermarket. Quick stop at the mall. Lunch. And then home – with tunes from The Byrds’ disc #2 accompanying us all the way…


Autumn Ivy

Drove up to Bellingham to spend some time together with my family. As we were driving into town I spotted this wall laced with red ivy. After we’d parked and as the family waited for a table at a restaurant I scurried up to see if I could find the wall again and snap some quick pictures. Et voila! 🙂