Autumn Leaves Study

Did some experimenting with a photo I took of autumn leaves in Bellingham, WA…


Autumn Starting

Autumn has begun…

Sauk Mountain Hike

Pictures from our annual Sauk Mountain hike…
(photos by Karen Molenaar Terrell)

Photos from a Trip to Eugene

Zipped down to Eugene, Oregon, to see friends over the weekend – great trip! Loved the farmers’ market in Eugene – caught some great musicians, a young man working to end hate with his HIAC (Hate is a Crime) apparel, Bethany selling farm-fresh eggs, and a tiny foot trying to reach the radishes. On the way back we were playing peek-a-boo with the Cascades. The photo of Mount Hood below was taken crossing over the Columbia River on the I-205.
– Karen

eugene farmers market this one for sure

Eugene Farmers Market

Mount Hood from I-205